Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Branding / design, Creative technology


As part of Google’s recruitment marketing efforts we were tasked to come up with something special that would spark the interest of notoriously marketing-allergic software engineers. 

Users understand the benefits Google products bring to their lives, but are oblivious to the technical challenges being solved behind the scenes. Software engineers, however, are intrigued by the back-end tech challenges they could someday help solve. Google is always looking for developers who can bring a new perspective to their team. Curious, passionate men and women. Big thinkers eager to do cool things that matter. We were asked us to help them attract the cream of the software engineering crop.

The terms ‘foobar’ or ‘foo’ are used as placeholder names in computer programming. Using the domain we gave something back to the community. To compliment other recruitment marketing activities we created, an exclusive online destination where Google engineers share stories about some of their most successful products and services. We came up with the creative messaging and an almost unbranded look and feel inspired by the simple design and colour palette of the developer console used by most engineers.

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