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Redefining price comparison

We worked with to completely redefine the online experience for their flagship motor insurance comparison journey and results pages.

  • 50% reduction in average number of clicks

The challenge

Price comparison is an incredibly competitive market and brand loyalty is uncommon. To stand out and encourage repeat custom needed to offer an exemplary user experience.

We focused on the car insurance quote user journey, from users inputting their personal details through to displaying policies on a results page. The ultimate goal was to make the whole process far more intuitive and user friendly.

Our key objectives were to:

  • Ensure continuity of customer experience from the quote process through to the customer portal
  • Increase the conversion of leads through the quote tool and subsequently to provider sites (which also leads to increased sign ups)
  • Explain the benefits of the features that are offered to customers on the results page

Our approach

From the very beginning of our relationship with them, we worked closely with to iterate designs to ensure our final output was fully optimised and inspiring.

  1. We interviewed stakeholders and led interactive sketching sessions with various teams to gather business requirements and ideas for the redesign.
  2. This gave us a wealth of design ideas and features which we rapidly condensed into 6 sketched design concepts – 3 for the results page and 3 for the form quote process.
  3. We carried out user testing on our sketched prototypes, as well as the existing website, observing users interacting with the first iteration of our designs in real time.
  4. We reviewed the issues we uncovered in a collaborative 2-day workshop.
  5. We then went on to build 4 design prototypes, all with mobile and desktop versions. Each prototype had a different approach to the user journey and a distinct visual style, so we could test things like grid layouts, ways of displaying information and how best to filter results.
  6. Finally, we carried out a comprehensive round of user testing on the 4 options and then selected the best concepts and features based on the findings. We built a final prototype to hand over to, ready for one final round of user testing.

We worked collaboratively, sketching concepts with our stakeholders

We tested different results page concepts to see which features worked best for users

We fleshed out our initial sketches into interactive and engaging experiences

We reduced the average number of clicks by 50% through the whole quote process

The new website featured some really innovative features, all based on user insight

Impact & results

Our final design concept completely overhauled the motor insurance user journey. It's delightful-to-use – from the application form right through to results page – and has a stunning, on-brand visual design to match.

It's also massively increased user efficiency – our design has reduced the number of clicks through the quote process by an average of 50% for the average user.

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