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Virgin Holidays

An experience worth revisiting

We engaged with Virgin Holidays to completely redefine their end-to-end customer experience and digital presence, in line with a new brand image.

The challenge

After carrying out some in-depth research, it became clear that Virgin Holidays needed to modernise their legacy systems and dated website.

The project objectives were to:

  • Maximise RoI by increasing sales
  • Impart our knowledge by working closely with Virgin Holidays as one cohesive project team, helping them understand and empathise with their users
  • Apply a visual facelift to deliver a more contemporary feel in line with the refreshed brand image
  • Optimise the user experience of frequently used pages


The client had a lot of trust and respect in our capability to expand their design perspective. They were open to the suggestions we were making, which ultimately led to a lot of experimentation and a great end result



Our approach

We collaborated with Virgin Holidays to redesign their end-to-end customer experience and entire digital presence. The Webcredible and Virgin Holidays teams typically based ourselves together, either at our offices or theirs, so they could learn from us and develop a practical understanding of the user-centred design process.

  1. We started by identifying, prioritising and mapping key user journeys to design around, based on personas that we'd created. The main journey had 9 distinct steps (including dreaming, researching, booking and reliving a holiday) and we visualised it for the Virgin Holidays teams in the form of a giant poster.
  2. With these user journeys in mind, we rapidly created a design prototype, completely redefining the way that people research and book holidays.
  3. We carried out numerous rounds of user testing with real customers and made informed changes to our proposed designs and user journeys.
  4. At the same time we created a new look and feel for Virgin Holidays' digital channels, paying particular attention to design patterns and principles.


Impact & results

Our user experience recommendations and visual style have been extremely well received by the Virgin Holidays team and used to form the basis of a new responsive website.


The new homepage was designed to inspire people from the start

Virgin Holidays' strong brand carried through into every aspect of the visual design

We defined a 9-stage end-to-end customer experience

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