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Weatherbys Bank

A private bank fit for the future

We're working with Weatherbys Bank to define and deliver their digital vision, starting by designing and building a modern, responsive online banking platform.

The challenge

Weatherbys Bank needed a digital strategy to make the most of the opportunities that digital offers, without compromising the value of their customer relationships.

Our key objectives were to:

  • Augment the best-in-class customer experience clients receive in-person with a vastly improved digital offer
  • Reduce load on key staff by enabling customers to self-serve
  • Unlock growth by automating time-consuming internal processes
  • Define new ways of working that would help them continually iterate and improve
  • Create a roadmap to deliver maximum value as quickly as possible

We very quickly identified that their existing online baking platform was a major pain point, leading to us doing a full redesign and rebuild based on the needs of their very unique audiences.



Webcredible feels like an extended part of the family - understanding what we’re trying to achieve and educating our staff on why it’s important.

Suzie Batten

Head of Digital, Weatherbys Bank


Our approach

It was crucial that key stakeholders came on the digital transformation journey with us, so we worked closely with key stakeholders (up to and including the CEO) as well as spending time to build internal advocacy for our work:

  1. We conducted in-depth research to understand the issues facing both customers and staff and presented a future vision. Our vision focused on offering a tailored customer experience, drastically reducing product opening times, increasing self-service opportunities and improving internal processes. We helped the bank understand where to invest to generate maximum RoI.
  2. Our first step towards achieving the vision was to redesign and rebuild their online banking platform, to resolve some major user experience issues and serve as a foundation for our future work.
  3. We rapidly created and iterated designs, with multiple rounds of usability testing to validate which features were most important to customers and how well our designs met these needs.
  4. Our new online banking features loads of innovative features to delight users, such as innovative ways to find previous transactions, features to fast track online payments and a nifty bulk payments process.
  5. We worked in Agile sprints to complete the full design and build, running detailed design sprints one ahead of the build sprints. We worked closely with Oracle to develop a front-end to integrate with their Flexcube banking system via API.
  6. We continuously integrated our designs with Oracle's API, documenting everything as we went along to allow seamless knowledge transfer and a successful launch.


Impact & results

Weatherbys Bank now has a bespoke customer interface that powers a best-in-class online banking experience. We have a roadmap of iterative developments, so the system will continue to improve and adapt to ever-changing customer and technology requirements.

The new online banking experience has received amazing feedback, literally from day #1 of launch, with customers telling us that it's better and more intuitive than the high street banks' online banking. Thanks to our user-centred approach, the new platform went through UAT and private beta with minimal bugs and no design changes whatsoever.


We designed and built a bespoke interface for their online banking solution

Our interface features a number of innovations that none of the high street banks offer

Our new marketing website clearly explains the bank’s heritage and proposition

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