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Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

Making fundraising easier than ever before


We helped CAF completely redesign their white label service for collecting and tracking donations, used by 1000s of charities to raise money.

  • 30% increase in visitors

  • 10% increase in donations to CAF's thousands of charity clients

  • Doubling weekly sign ups to CAF services

The challenge

CAF Donate is a white-label service that helps charities set up online campaigns to collect and track donations.

CAF felt that the overall end-to-end experience of CAF Donate could be improved, so they could further empower the charities they work with and potential donors.

The main objectives were to:

  • Grow the number of charities fundraising better through CAF Donate
  • Increase donations for charities by making it easier for donors to give money through the platform
  • Improve awareness around the benefits of CAF Donate to charities



Charities have told us it’s a much better experience for donors, and we can certainly see this from the uplift in donations.

Julie Simpson

Charities Product Manager, Charities Aid Foundation


Our approach

To help CAF optimise the end-to-end donation process, we went through a structured process of collaborative research and design:

  1. We ran an interactive stakeholder workshop with key stakeholders, defining business goals, charity and donor needs and technical capabilities.
  2. Next, we set out to increase awareness of the products by redesigning the marketing pages. This included working with CAF's internal design team to translate their established print brand guidelines to digital for the first time.
  3. We then ran a round of research with donors, exploring how we could improve the user experience. We found that users wanted to quickly make a donation but were put off by the amount of steps and input fields they had to fill in.
  4. We designed a streamlined process, reducing the number of steps from 5 to 3 and removing questions that weren't 100% necessary. At the same time, we made sure the white label service left enough flexibility for charities to maintain their identity and branding.
  5. We also redesigned the experience for charities managing their donation processes, simplifying the options available and making it easier to set up a donation page. This included giving the ability to preview campaigns before go-live and an auto-save draft feature.


Impact & results

To date, our redesigns have been hugely successful in improving the experience for charities and donors alike.

Our improved product pages have increased visitor numbers by 30% and the weekly number of charities signing up for CAF Donate has more than doubled.

Finally, as a result of the improved donation flow, donations to the thousands of charities using CAF Donate have increased by 10%, helping raise even more money for charitable causes.


The number of charities signing up for CAF Donate has more than doubled

With CAF Investments it’s much easier for charities to self-serve, reducing the number of help calls

We set up CAF Venturesome, to support charities, social enterprises and community groups in the UK

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