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User experience partnership shapes rapid digital transformation

We’ve been working as experience design partners to SSE, the second largest energy company in the UK with a £30bn turnover, helping deliver incredible customer experiences.

We've helped drive through major changes to the way the digital team works, whilst delivering a roadmap of projects that we’re proud to be a part of.

The challenge

SSE first came to us looking to run a research study on their customer-facing website, after which we became their ongoing partner working on a retained basis as an extension of their own digital design team.

Our key objectives are to:

  1. Conduct ongoing research to validate our collaborative design work, ensuring SSE can grow the business digitally and cater for new and existing customer needs

  2. Provide design leadership to the team, helping streamline and improve the design output and providing additional design resource 

  3. Act as strategic partner, helping manage the digital roadmap whilst guiding and upskilling their teams to follow best practice user experience and be more efficient

  4. Change the way they're delivering digital products, moving away from small tactical design projects to well executed design sprints in collaboration with the business and technical teams

In line with their business objectives, we've focused our work on acquisition of new customers, channel shift towards digital and retention of existing customers.

Our approach

We work on-site with their team every week, meaning we're embedded within the digital department to build understanding and have a greater influence on ways of working.

In our ongoing relationship so far, we have:

  1. Run workshops with senior stakeholders to establish and evolve business objective and KPIs
  2. Assessed SSE for digital maturity so we could establish development opportunities and trained and mentored their design team in all aspects of user experience
  3. Worked alongside the team to manage and support a roadmap of tactical projects, running lots of research to provide actionable insights into (a) the acquisition-focused website; and (b) the online account area
  4. Introduced and executed collaborative design sprints, working alongside the design team and business stakeholders to run through phases of discovery research, concepting and guerilla testing, prototyping and usability testing
  5. Helped develop testing strategies for their A/B and multivariate testing programme
  6. Developed personas to represent customers and helped embed these into the business, based on the vast number of research sessions we've conducted
  7. Worked collaboratively to develop a design pattern library to improve the consistency of design across projects and make the team more efficient


Impact & results

We've transformed the way the digital team works in just over a year, away from silos of small business-centric tactical projects to truly user-centred design delivery, collaborating across different parts of the business.

We've also seen a number of big digital performance improvements - including an amazing 200% increase in conversions through the phone & broadband sign-up process.

Our engagement has also helped to raise the profile of the digital team within the business and truly demonstrate the value of experience design.


We regularly conduct design workshops to collaboratively solve customer problems

We helped design and validate a new experience for current customers to secure a better deal

We developed personas that are driving customer-centred thinking within the business

Our pattern library is improving the team’s efficiency and ensuring consistently amazing customer experiences

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