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Consumers in the out of home market are becoming more adventurous, and as a result are seeking wider, more exciting and authentic menu choices.







To meet the new demand for authentic dishes from around the world, Knorr launched two new ingredient ranges; Thai and Western. The idea was to sell Western products to Eastern chefs and Thai products to Western chefs. To support the launch of the Thai and Western ranges we created a brand identity that included a logo, tone of voice and a distinctive look and feel. This was brought to life through a number of digital and offline channels.



With the explosion of social media and globalisation of culture, customers are becoming more adventurous and seeking new flavours and dining experiences. Therefore chefs are looking to expand their culinary horizons by creating progressive recipes using authentic ingredients. And that’s where we come in, launching a range of authentic Knorr ingredients, using inspiring recipes and practical tips to give chefs the confidence to experiment in the kitchen.


We inspired Asian and Western chefs by creating a strong brand identity and telling rich stories of expertise, craft and provenance to enhance chefs’ knowledge and perceptions. In short we gave them the tools and authentic ingredients to bring Asian and Western cuisine to life in their own kitchens. Not only did we produce 60 recipe and tip videos, we also built a landing page and product pages, created POS material, developed a recipe book and executed a detailed social media playbook for global distribution.


“We love the energy of the recipe videos, the music and overall vibe. They have great production values and foodiness. Overall they’re very exciting! Thank you for creating this amazing campaign. I am confident that this will greatly boost our growth."

Mariam Chan - Global Marketing Manager, Unilever

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