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Love it or hate it, Black Friday has cemented itself as one of the biggest shopping days in the retail calendar. But with so many retailers vying for customers’ attention, Samsung needed a clever strategy and strong creative to drive Black Friday sales online. Enter Flourish.







The previous year, some of the Black Friday email sends went to the entire database, totaling 9 million customers. If we were to improve engagement, we needed to take a different approach. We needed to plan, develop and implement CRM activity that would improve sales, was better targeted and more succinct.



First, we segmented the audience by introducing an ‘always on’ shop email in 2016. This gave us insight into who was interested in what. Then we created a build-up to the campaign to engage customers to pre-register for upcoming Black Friday deals. For Black Friday Weekend itself, we created a series of emails designed to encourage early, last-minute and repeat purchases, varying the offer content to test which were most effective in driving sales. 


After studying click behavior in previous email activity leading up to Black Friday, we identified which products customers had engaged with. We pinpointed those products proving most popular and used relevant offers to drive Black Friday emails. Simple, and very effective.


The previous year, we sent long-form emails for Black Friday. The logic being that more offers on the table would give us a better hit rate. Results were good, but we wanted great. We found that customers were predominantly clicking the hero image, using the email as a vehicle to get to Samsung offers. So we said so long to longer emails.


This time, we used one great offer on a product we though they’d like, and a strong call to action to get customers biting. The result was a series of simple, sleek and highly functional emails. And, crucially, a huge increase in revenue. Bingo.


Conversion Rate

increase of 20%

compared to 2015

Weekend revenue forecast

exceeded by 17%

(£192k forecast vs. £244k actual)

Black Friday revenue

increase of 48%

compared to 2015 (£97k vs. £144k)

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