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Defender to Contender

Defender to Contender



Following on from Betfair and Pitch’s hugely successful ‘switching saddles’ campaign with Victoria Pendleton Betfair wanted a campaign that would increase their share of earned and owned brand voice in football.



Boxing is back in the big time thanks to a host of new British fighters. But it’s not the fight in the man, it’s the man in the fight that gets people talking.




Betfair partners with former Manchester United player, Rio Ferdinand, to transform him from a footballer to a professional boxer. 



15 month campaign building a team of experts who will train him to get his BBBOC boxing licence, and fight in a series of matches before competing for a title belt.



In the campaign so far....

Over 200 items of national, sport and football earned print, online and broadcast media at launch.

Betfair’s most successful week ever from a brand marketing perspective.

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