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Gear VR2 Launch


A world first. We partnered with Samsung and Shazam using in-store beacons to deliver a seamless physical to digital retail experience for customers.

As part of the sponsorship activation we used exclusive VR content that had been created by Biffy Clyro and had a curated selection of tracks from the festival season that customers could access for free.

We wanted to find a new, innovative way of seamlessly connecting they physical in-store and digital content experiences. Given the music link, and with 35 million UK downloads, 6 million monthly users and 90% of those in Samsung’s demographic of 18-34 year olds, we approached Shazam about the possibility of using their tagging system, as a collaboration which would be a word first within a store environment.



The in-store campaign ran for two weeks, with a VR experience offering customers the chance to be on stage with Biffy Clyro. Through digital experience, customers could find out more about Samsung’s products, watch exclusive content, download a playlist of tracks and enter a prize draw.

This campaign style gave an un-paralleled insight into performance by store and we were able to determine that 84% of people who engaged were our target market (18-34), 53% of people were iPhone users and people on average spent over 2 minutes engaging.


"Comparing the number of entries we received in the similar promotion vs the promotion run, we saw a 60% increase in engagement."




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