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Wimbledon had a clear ambition: to grow the fan base and cement their position as the world’s premier tennis event. However, their core audience was ageing, fans had become loyal to players, not slams and media viewing habits had shifted. Wimbledon needed to uncover a truth powerful enough to launch the brand into its next chapter.


We looked into Wimbledon’s rich history and uncovered that Wimbledon was far greater than the victories and losses. In a uniquely British manner, Wimbledon articulated a right and proper way to do things. Wimbledon staff supported this truth, revealing a team of people constantly striving to make each aspect of The Championships better. It’s a belief that had over the years become indelibly ingrained in the brand’s DNA, from the players’ tennis whites to the fans’ strawberries and cream. It allowed us to redirect the brand and let it focus on the aspects that inspire everyone who watches The Championships.

Creative Solution

To bring the heart of the brand to life we launched the first major campaign for The Championships, ’In Pursuit of Greatness’. The platform was brought to life through content films such as ’The English Garden’ showing the tech behind the scenes and ’Wimbledon Weekend’ encouraging Americans to get together just as they would for Super Bowl Sunday, social posts, print and a brand book in advance of, and during, The Championships 2016. We told the stories of the individuals whose roles help to make Wimbledon so unique – a ball boy, the head groundsman, a technology expert and the CEO. It allows Wimbledon to live its brand values by showing the world how The Championships themselves constantly strive for improvement.


The campaign saw immense success and grew international awareness amongst the target audience by 4%. Those exposed to Wimbledon Weekend were 54% more likely to watch The Championships with friends and family (directly increasing viewing figures, the principal goal for the campaign).

The high quality and appealing nature of Wimbledon’s brand content led it to be used far and wide by partners, achieving an incremental of $11m worth of free media.

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