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In the UK, over 6 in 10 women still haven’t found a foundation that perfectly matches their skin tone. With the launch of 2 new darker shades in the UK, True Match foundation now has the widest shade range in the mass market, and matches 98% of UK skin tones.

This gave L'Oréal a unique opportunity to connect with consumers by using real ambassadors in their campaign, who not only embodied the values of the brand, but represented their wide and diverse consumer base. Our challenge was to find a way to demonstrate this diversity of product, with a launch that would cut through in the saturated cosmetic market.


Research showed that 61% of women in the UK have not been able to find their perfect foundation match, while ethnic minorities often end up paying 70% more on foundation as they are forced to switch from mainstream to luxury cosmetic brands in order to find the right shade range.

Creative Solution

A range of influencers were identified who matched the 23 True Match foundation shades; they were chosen for their relatability and the authenticity of their stories, whilst ensuring maximum social reach. From A-lister Cheryl Cole and burns survivor Katie Piper to fitness vlogger AJ Odudu and make-up artist Gary Thompson, this remarkable group of men and women had a combined reach of 12m on Instagram and 7m on Youtube.

Content was shot over a two-day period, creating 33 video assets to maximize the storytelling potential of the campaign. These videos included 23 emotive films, each telling the story of the campaign influencers, so they could be shared across their social channels.


The campaign was launched by Cheryl releasing the 60” film to her 2.5m organic followers, followed the next day by all influencers simultaneously posting their own films on their social channels. Combined with L’Oréal Paris’ takeover of their owned channels, the campaign road blocked the social sphere.


In the first two weeks after launch, the campaign was met with a remarkable consumer response:

More than 66,000,000 user impressions online

3,000 organic mentions on Twitter

3,000,000 video views on Youtube

This resulted in +39% increase on sales of True Match vs September 2015, and lead to True Match becoming the UK’s #1 foundation. Not to mention the enormously positive media coverage the campaign received for its celebration of diversity.

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