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The Brief

Harris Grant, designers of bespoke audio-visual systems, approached Crab for an update to their existing website which, while functional, didn’t effectively communicate the quality, depth and breadth of their work. It was our task to articulate the premium service Harris Grant offered, and to emphasise their longevity in the field, as well as their status as industry leaders. 

The Process

The planning process consisted of a conclusive analysis of existing data to understand what Harris Grant did and how they communicated the Harris Grant brand. It was important to understand why they had such longevity in the industry, and how to articulate this to their wide customer base, crafting a user experience based on this process.

Starting with mobile user journeys, we crafted a seamless user experience to facilitate better interaction between Harris Grant and the consumer. The series of infographics and illustrations helped support and illustrate the amount of services Harris Grant offer. As well as the amount of services, this visual representation clearly expressed the amount of installations implemented throughout the years and Harris Grant’s expertise to their audience.

Informed by the the earlier designs, printed collateral was created, which would be distributed to clients. The brochure was covered with a gloss black and silver foil; the cover was from GF Smiths colour plan range. The brochure was Sussex bound and the internal pages were all French Folded with the Harris Grant orange printed on the inside of the fold. The Connaught brochure was designed to showcase Harris Grant's bespoke apartment furnishing and electronics services.

The Solution

The solution is a website that communicates the quality of the work Harris Grant does but also caters to their audience. For instance, a huge number of their customers use tablets but we also wanted the site to work easily on smaller mobile devices, so that users could use the site while on location.

The Results

The process was a realisation of what Harris Grant as a brand should be. The result was a brand system that maintains existing brand recognition while providing the team at Harris Grant the key marketing components to allow them to explore opportunities across their market sectors.


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