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The Brief

MAOAM came to us with a brief to extend their “Mega Vend” experiential activity into digital. As users' connections to the web continue to fragment across the myriad of devices we all use, MAOAM’s core teen audience has embraced the smartphone with vigour.

The Process

As with any good puzzle game, there were lots of nuts and bolts to dream up and sketch out to make sure the game had adequate depth. The first stage of the project involved a lot of coffee and sketching.

We then set about creating all of the assets we would need for the finished game. Capturing the vibrant and engaging visual language of MAOAM was a particularly fun project for our creatives.

The game was promoted through both Facebook and Google, using banners and animations created from gameplay. The Crab team planned out the media strategy across the relevant devices and channels. Google includes - Mobile in-app ads and YouTube advertising. Mobile is the key to targeting our key audience.

The Solution

To support the experiential activity we created an interactive puzzle game for iOS and Android. The MAOAM Mega Vend Recharge is one of our most recent forays into the world of apps and we were very happy with the results. Conceptualised by the team, designed by our illustrator, animations by our design team and built by our devs. We even composed the music!

The Results

The game was a resounding success and we could not be happier with the results. To date, it has received over 23,500 downloads, which for a branded app, is pretty mega.

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