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The Brief

After completing our rebrand and site design for Goodman Masson, we do what we always do at Crab and ask: what next? How can we build upon our previous work? Working alongside the client, we devised exactly what the next stage of the journey was: a talent acquisition website that not only acted as a way to recruit top staff but with the capability of constantly updated content, would serve as a window into the company itself, allowing people to see ‘Behind The Walls’. 

This website would sit separately to the main website, giving an insight into the company as well as acting as an innovative tool in acquiring new talent for the award-winning recruitment company. 

The Process

The idea for the site rested on Goodman Masson’s ‘The Experience,’ their four pillars of employee engagement. It was decided the homepage would prominently feature these elements with links out to the different areas of the site, showcasing the different aspects of ‘The Experience’. Our UX focused on how we could create a seamless user experience while also allowing for future uploads via a CMS for Goodman Masson to ensure content could be updated frequently.

One of the challenges was ensuring that the website was responsive on mobile but that all of the technical aspects of the development and design worked perfectly. We went with a scrolling style for the homepage which required careful thought to ensure it worked well on desktop and mobile.

The site was built with the present in mind, allowing Goodman Masson to upload content on a regular basis, the website acting as a constant feed for those viewing of the current daily goings on at the company, with relevant aspects of other social channels factored in, as well as a CMS. Notifications were built into the site, allowing users to see when new content was available in each of the sections.

The Solution

The final website was another step in the journey of rebranding Goodman Masson, reflecting the company’s modern approach to recruitment. Again, the design and functionality lifts expectations of what’s expected of a company in this saturated field. The end result was a unique site that not only looks stunning but meets the unique objectives of this award-winning company.


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