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The Brief

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) came to us with the challenge of increasing social interaction and community size within countries in Western Europe.  Our main objective on this particular campaign was to recruit new fans to Scandinavian Airlines social communities. 

The Process

Initially we needed to sketch out and create a competition landing page. This acted as the launch pad and information centre for the competition.

It was essential to give the fans as much visual inspiration as possible to increase both the quantity and quality of entries. To some consumers interacting with social competitions, image submission can prove a high barrier to entry - getting them excited and inspired is crucial.

We offered some example imagery as a starting point but beyond this we let the fans dictate the direction in which the campaign progressed. Satisfyingly, the quality and creativity of the entries submitted were high. Quite quickly fans became their own source of inspiration, liking and commenting on the regular ‘Best of’ galleries which were uploaded to Facebook.

The Solution

We have always understood and endorsed the benefit of having a strong content strategy running in tandem with any recruitment campaign. It ensures that new fans generated by promoted activity have engaging content to interact with and this in-turn leads to a much higher rate of recruitment and lower overall cost. As such, we launched a user-generated content focused campaign with an emphasis on encouraging creativity among SAS’s fans.

The Results

We recruited thousands of new fans, with a positive uplift in perception of the brand. Our objective was to increase the community size by 100%; we managed to increase the actual community size by 148% at a Cost Per Fan of 22p. 

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