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The Brief

The Insurance Emporium wanted to launch its new brand and positioning, with an unusually fun and adventurous approach towards insurance. They needed to introduce their wide range of products (from horses to musical instruments to golf equipment to wedding dresses) and communicate it in a way that resonated and expressed their new personality.

The team at Crab and The Chase outlined an integrated digital campaign which centred on the great content, social media, blogger outreach, sponsorship, paid media and experiential. After research and target profiling, we decided to centralise the campaign on their brand icon, the cult 1970's cartoon character Mr Benn, and kick it off with an exciting competition.

The newly created Mr Benn Safari mini-episode acted as the key inspiration. We devised, planned and produced a series of activities to raise countrywide awareness of the brand, build a database of useful contacts and ultimately generate insurance quote requests.

The Process

As with almost all projects at Crab, we start by asking: Why? What? Who? How do you break the rules if you don't know them? Crab’s plan centred around the ethnographic research, observing and then interacting with several groups in real-life environments, recognising the individuals' interest or, as it proved to be, lack of interest in insurance. Understanding the category is vital, the insurance market revenue is split across the comparison sites and direct sales. Understanding the customers and their behaviour across the key channels would prove to be invaluable. This study allowed the team to build user maps and highlight key touch points along the journey.

By illustrating the User Journey we could highlight each touchpoint, the content needed and the behaviour we were expecting the consumer to perform at that particular point. This quickly formed into a fully fledged digital strategy which supported the new brand but also drove engaged and validated traffic.

The Solution

An integrated marketing campaign that included blogger outreach, social media advertising, sponsorships and experiential.

The Bald Hiker: We teamed up with acclaimed travel blogger 'The Bald Hiker' (aka Paul Steele), sending him to Uganda on a gorilla-tracking recce mission. Paul’s fantastic updates and amazing photos were key to driving interest in the competition from the get-go.

Street London Sponsorship: Camera insurance is one of The Insurance Emporium's most popular products, which gave us the opportunity to link two Crab clients together for mutually beneficial gain. By sponsoring Street London, one of the most prestigious street photography events in the world, The Insurance Emporium was able to access thousands of serious photographers during their summer 2007 event. The timing seemed almost too good to be true. We designed and built a new sponsorship page for the Street London website and other merchandise for the event itself, including a tote bag.

Don't come to us, we'll come to you: Use of Mr Benn, Eddie the dog and The Shopkeeper provided the perfect opportunity to build an immersive experience in the popular thoroughfares of London's Waterloo Station and Manchester's Arndale Centre. The stand included a prize-winning wheel, picture stands and an immersive experience to meet Gus the gorilla and have a photo taken to share on social media.

Social advertising: Awareness, conversion and retargeting ads driving traffic to the game, the competition and specific insurance products were created and posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Display Network and YouTube

The Results

In addition to over-achieving all campaign KPI's, the term ‘Insurance Emporium’ also ended up trending in Google and become a breakout term. The client was so thrilled with the results, Crab was retained to continue the social media advertising and consult on the strategy to support a forthcoming TV campaign.

The Feedback

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