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It is through relentless innovation and belief in the power of entertainment that Sky has become one of its leading forces.

We are Sky’s strategic and creative brand partners, helping the business to realise the limitless possibilities of technology and entertainment. If there’s a brief for our work together over the last 15 years, it’s been to keep pushing Sky forwards, to challenge and ask what ‘better’ really means. As technology radically reshapes our behaviours and expectations, our partnership with Sky grows. 


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Behind Sky’s success is the core belief that entertainment can truly enrich people’s lives. 

We’ve helped Sky to establish this in every area of the business, reinventing it from pay TV utility to one of the UK’s most loved entertainment brands.

Working with its pioneering leadership teams has inspired us to create the ‘glassmark’ identity, the screen and the window through which we are entertained. And to help Sky create many more products, services and brands for now and the future - a future that already includes immersive virtual reality and will soon include artificial intelligence.



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We’ve collaborated to develop strategies and creative solutions for game-changing services like Sky+, Sky HD, Sky Q, Sky Mobile, Sky Kids and Sky VIP. And unified the brand across new territories (Italy and Germany).

From distribution to original production, news to sports, Team Sky to Sky Academy and Sky Ocean Rescue, we’ve helped redefine the role an entertainment company can play in the world.



Today, Sky is one of the UK’s great commercial success stories and Europe's number one pay TV company.

Our work with it has been a major catalyst in its transformation from satellite sales to entertainment giant. 

From 5 million to over 12 million customers (UK)

Growth to £18bn market capitalisation 

Unified brand across multiple new countries

Brand value £10 billion+


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