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TransferWise allows money to flow across borders, peer-to-peer and with only a tiny transaction fee. It is a part of the booming trust economy – a
transparent, open alternative. TransferWise is an industry upstart that thinks and acts like a global citizen, is agile, and designs everything around its users.

Technology is presenting us with a wealth of possibilities and increasingly we are rejecting establishment brands, nowhere more so than in the financial sector. This was a chance for TransferWise, a small fintech startup that was barely a year old, to claim the future of finance.





Established banks have long levied hefty fees and waiting times for moving money across borders. TransferWise was changing all that. But it was also about more than the functional flow of money, it was about embracing how deeply people were benefitting from the simplicity, freedoms and flexibility offered by technology.

TransferWise was rewriting the rules. We collaborated to create the idea ‘Money without borders’, allowing it to play a bigger, bolder role in people’s lives and in society.



Today, trust is a major part of any brand, especially a financial one. TransferWise wanted to disrupt the finance industry, but also become a revolutionary brand that people could trust.

We partnered to help articulate their ambition and uncover their core beliefs. And we worked closely with their brand and product teams to develop a bold new visual expression of this strategy; creating the ‘fast flag;’ a powerful symbol of freedom and revolution - and a vibrant brand world that stood out from the cold world of finance. It could now confidently go forward, attracting new customers, talent and investors.



From its London HQ, TransferWise has scaled rapidly. We launched the brand in the US and since the rebrand, it has gone from strength to strength.

It is one of the UK’s few tech companies to be valued at more than $1 billion, has secured a fresh round of financing (over $25 million) from a major investor and recently announced that is is close to reaching profitability.

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