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Hearst is one of the most famous names in publishing. It reaches 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men across 37 print and digital platforms, even more through events and social media. Hearst titles include Elle, Esquire and Men’s Health, each has a unique voice and audience. But the publishing model is being disrupted. It is fragmenting at one end with the rise of bloggers and social media, and consolidating at the other.





Hearst has incredible reach, but we understood that it has depth too. Hearst does more than entertain with fashion, fitness and style content. It has been and will be there, inspiring and empowering millions of people in the UK. It is the friend that encourages you to try a new trend because they know it will suit you. The one that helps you to conquer a 10k run or experiment with a new recipe. This was Hearst’s untold story. 

The magazine industry has been accused of promoting unrealistic lifestyles and expectations. But when it truly understands its audience, it can affirm their values and chosen lifestyle. Amongst all Hearst’s titles there was a single idea – confidence. 






Hearst was giving millions of people in the UK the confidence to live the lives they wanted to live. At the same time, despite its scale and influence, Hearst itself needed the confidence to believe it was a media powerhouse capable of owning this new conversation.

With the singular, unwavering brand idea ‘confidence’, we helped Hearst to claim a powerful voice and establish a new culture. One that was compelling to clients, and both motivating and unifying for employees. We also simplified its brand architecture from 50, to six client-focussed products. It could now thoughtfully promote and effectively package up its core offering.




After the rebrand and rethink of their proposition, Hearst won big client contracts across each of its six new sub-brands.

t’s the start of a confident, new story for the magazine industry.



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