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XL and Catlin are specialist insurers and reinsurers, predicting and calculating risk, including the kind that doesn’t yet exist - like intelligent surgical technology. There was an opportunity to redefine the industry, to help them become its most progressive leader and advocate.

The highly anticipated merger was driven by XL, but with huge respect for Catlin’s experience and reputation. Eventually the business would be 6,500 colleagues. They all needed to feel part of something big and exciting, while retaining the collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit that first attracted them.





Building on 5 years of brand development work with XL, we helped them to go from thinking inwardly about risk, to being in the business of creating progress. Through research, analysis and insight, we saw how insurance enables the world – from transatlantic travel to pioneering brain surgery, nothing is possible without it.

We built close relationships with senior stakeholders and the wider team to understand, position and express their purpose in the evolving economics of complex risks. Together we shaped the brand to blend two assertive, different, but complementary cultures and personalities.



Uniting XL and Catlin: two of the world’s insurance industry heavyweights from venturethree on Vimeo.



The conversation with XL and Catlin’s senior teams was now about innovation, growth and impact. We brought both teams together to develop the idea ‘Make your world go’. It was a bigger, braver idea that spoke to their spirit of innovation - their driving, dynamic mindset.

Clients, employees and other stakeholders could see the true reach of this new business. Our work with the teams now needed to spark ideas and initiatives to build the brand, and create a messaging framework, a work environment and key communications to inspire colleagues, engage clients and attract talent and partners.



XL Catlin launched globally with a new narrative and purpose, a unified culture, brand identity and communications, standing out and challenging the other players in the sector. The new brand sent a strong signal of ‘togetherness’ to the teams around the world on the same day it launched, and continues to help unite teams and inspire action to create progress.

It has been almost a year since our acquisition of Catlin
and we are now even more convinced that we are better
matched to the future. We’re working every day to move
onward so as to make progress.

Mike McGavick – CEO


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