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When it comes to being entertained, we are spoilt for choice. Game of Thrones on the train, chasing Pokémon around town, streams of social media. 

In the infinite mix of entertainment, we asked Penguin Random House - the leading force in publishing - what do books mean today?


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In our research, we found many people didn’t consider themselves readers – they watch Sherlock rather than read The Hound of the Baskervilles, and won’t attempt Moby Dick. And yet they would race through a John Grisham thriller or flick through Jamie’s 15 minute meals. Books had taken on a different meaning for them.

We worked closely with the Penguin Random House leadership team to define a unique purpose and clear proposition, and to articulate a compelling story. This underpins our ongoing work to help them take books off the shelf and put them in entertainment’s spotlight.





Our work together has helped Penguin Random House to understand and rediscover the importance of books to the individual, society and culture. We asked Penguin’s business leaders to re-connect with its core offering. Firstly, this meant changing Penguin’s internal mindset.

We collaborate with Penguin’s people to engender transformational thinking across the organisation. From HR and corporate responsibility to initiatives including Penguin Live events, the purpose empowers the business and leads it through a new age for the publishing industry, supported by an iconic and powerful brand expression.



Our long-term partnership with Penguin Random House continues as we evolve the brand, embed it across the organisation, and determine the way that it is experienced in the world and the influence it can have to make good things happen.

"We are very lucky to have the one true powerful consumer facing brand in Penguin in the UK, and we want to amplify that brand."

Tom Weldon - CEO

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