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Creating a new era for an Italian classic

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Barilla is recognised worldwide as a symbol of Italian expertise. FutureBrand has been working with them since 2008 to redefine their entire range of products with a packaging design system that effectively conveys the Barilla core values and talks a universal language easily understood by pasta lovers around the world.

We recently helped Barilla create a compelling visual identity for a new pasta range that could successfully match the company’s goals with the changing food trends towards health-conscious choices and bio-ethical products.




Both ranges, ‘Barilla Bio’ and ‘Legumotti’ are conceived for a target audience that is attentive to pleasure but also to balanced and simple food. This knowledge has inspired the two lines visual identity for a minimal and modern appeal.

For Barilla Bio, the organic line, we drew inspiration from the idea of purity as the raw material used for these products is totally natural and unprocessed - represented by an iconic key visual in the design.

Legumotti is the result of a new process developed by Barilla. Their raw material – legumes - and the product versatility perfectly match the trends for gluten-free and naturally derived products. Their visuals propose recipes as a suggestion and creative stimulus in the kitchen.




The ranges launched to great interest and success and will be expanded in early 2018.

“We are particularly proud of the work done for Barilla’s two new pasta ranges because they really meet and somehow anticipate the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers worldwide. Health and wellbeing can go along well with taste a pleasure, and individual creativity can do the rest” 

Claudio Burchi, Senior Account Director



“Our business model is focused on making Barilla people’s most beloved brand, by promoting healthy and joyful food inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle.”

Guido Barilla, Chairman of the Barilla Group


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