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World Food Programme 

Transcending politics to build human connections with Syrian refugees in Turkey.


Turkey is home to the largest refugee population in the world, hosting over 3.2 million evacuees. People who have the familiarity and foundation of home suddenly stripped away.

The Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN), delivered in partnership with World Food Programme, intends to solve this challenge by providing refugees with a debit card that gives them access to a fixed amount of money each month. As the largest humanitarian project that the European Union (EU) has ever funded, it acts as a vital lifeline to disenfranchised families to buy what they need most.

Through the lens of media, the refugee crisis was a diplomatic issue. Through the eyes of Europeans, it had become immense and unsolvable.

To cut through this divisive and complex ‘refugee debate’, we needed a campaign that would resonate with European residents at a human, emotional level.






Nour’s Story

Through the lens of Nour, we tell the story of her life, her family, her routine. Nour’s story shows how the ESSN card brings value which transcends the material by bringing security, stability, dignity and comfort to a child caught in chaos.

How small comforts such as the foods they used to eat back home, or the football they use to play with their siblings develops into normality.

The story is told through a short film, cut in various formats for social media, and translated into six different languages.





To widen the reach in France and Germany, we partnered with Buzzfeed on content to create a deeper understanding of Syrian refugee families in Turkey and the powerful partnership behind the programme.

We teamed up with illustrators across the EU to depict the importance of everyday objects in providing hope, security and comfort to refugee children who have been uprooted from their homes and normality.

Finally, we invited five influencers, beloved in their countries as aspirational parents, to contribute to the campaign by either visiting families in Turkey or by filming their unique take on the campaign’s message.

Nour’s Impact

This campaign captured the imagination of the public, touching hearts and contributing to positive conversation surrounding the refugee crisis. Critically, we helped outline the important work the ESSN is doing in Turkey without wading into political territory.

The sentiment was so positive that the EU extended its target and resources by 30% to reach 1.3 million refugees by March 2018.

43 Articles Secured in EU Media – Exceeding all Messaging Metrics

53 Million Organic Online Impressions Generated

9 Million Short Film Views

61 Million Paid Media Impressions Generated


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