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Only 8% of Freedom from Torture supporters have ever taken legacy action. The charity approached On Agency to help them crack into this untapped income potential.








Freedom from Torture has a vision. They want to help every single torture survivor that is referred to them, instead of the 1 in 3 people that they can afford to help presently. To do this, they need to grow, significantly.

Only the sizeable funds unlocked by legacy giving will help the charity fulfil its humanitarian aims. Getting legacy giving right, therefore, could not be more important.


Our Approach

This legacy pack had to strike a chord. We were inspired by the idea of ‘life-review’, following pioneering research carried out by Dr James Russell, Dr Claire Routley and Adrian Sergeant. The research showed that when people make decisions about donating in a Will, they engage in ‘visualised autobiography’ - taking an outside perspective on themselves, while generating internal visualisation.

We wanted to encapsulate the idea of life-review in a pack, and we had the perfect signatory to do so: long-term supporter and legacy pledger Kate Danziger.

Kate’s life story touches on many shared historical moments, such as World War Two, the revolutionary 60s and the political awakening in the 1980s. She had many shared interests with our audience too: reading, travel, human rights.

We worked closely with Kate to create the Life pack, giving her creative control to make the letter completely authentic.



The life pack smashed previous legacy results

Compared to the previous year’s activity, the Life pack saw a 100% increase in pledges and a 163% increase in enquiries. Anecdotally, the feedback was enthusiastic and deeply felt. One recipient even wrote in to say she had attended the same rally as Kate back in the 1960s! (That’s called really knowing your audience.)

“I wanted to congratulate you on one of the best such leaflets I’ve ever seen. Someone’s story well told, original, personal, concisely yet passionately expressed – stunning.” 

Anonymous Freedom From Torture supporter

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