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Vorsprung durch technik 


Audi is BBH’s founding client who we started working with in 1982, the year BBH was started. In 1982 our founder, Sir John Hegarty, visited the Audi factory and discovered an unused line ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ meaning ‘Progress through technology’ which was used to remind people of Audi’s German authority. A line and ethos that is still used today and sits at the heart of every piece of communications from the brand. Since then, Audi has led innovation in the premium car category through the philosophy of constant innovation and pursuit of superior performance, and is now one of the biggest players in the market.

Our relationship began as a binary broadcast account and has now evolved into a multi-channel, multi-faceted, fully integrated business today. We have evolved our offering in line with the evolution of the UK Audi business, creating a fully connected selling model. We have used innovation in our servicing of the business to ensure we continuously meet the needs of the client - evident from us opening an office in Milton Keynes in 2004 (within close proximity to Audi) and growing multiple departments such as community management, retail communications, CRM and DM - and thereby helping the brand to drive desirability and ultimately loyalty.

Our remit on the account, since 2004, has evolved even further and we now work across most  touchpoints with the brand, with sole responsibility for paid and owned media, and some involvement in earned media through community management and PR support.

Strategic Approach: 

We set out to find a compelling truth about both the product and the audience, which forms the central spine for all work as well as informing the media architecture.

For example, with the RS3 (which has just launched) we had an insanely high performance small car that we characterized as punchy, intense and restless. This restlessness was also true of the audience, who were ambitious in all aspects of their lives, interested in intense experiences and big users of social and mobile media, snacking on video and punchy content.

‘Restless’ was therefore not only our guiding creative thought but an approach to media too.

We will then activate this truth in a variety of different media, appropriate to the audience.

In the case of Audi, BBH developed all the TV and print advertising, the content films, social media, eCRM, direct mail and helped partner agencies develop PR, experiential and digital off this creative territory. 


Over the last 33 years, Audi has made huge progress within the UK premium car market, and from selling just over 20,000 cars a year in 1994, to over 140,000 cars last year.

Amongst the broad new car buyer audience Audi remains the most desired and considered prestige brand and in 2012 Audi strengthened the ‘desire’ measure to take the lead over BMW. Audi has lead innovation in the premium car category, outselling Mercedes in the UK and currently BMW in terms of sales this year. 

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