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The BMW portfolio had more than doubled since 2000, from five to 11 models in 2014. Their diverse offering, from the large luxury executive 7 Series through to the smaller and sportier 1 Series hatchback, their performance range through to pioneering electric BMW i sub brands, was allowing more people than ever to consider buying a BMW. But, it had also led to a fragmentation in communications. 

Our strategy focused on uniting the brand by imbuing ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ with meaning once again, and making it far more than just a strapline.

Each and every BMW has been designed as a ‘driver’s car’ and therefore each and every model should be celebrated as the epitome of ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’. By reinstating ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ as the unifying thought we could ensure consistent messaging across all communications and channels and for all sub brands and models.

Each car has its own identity but our aim was to deliver coherent messaging themes that collectively build the brand and ladder up to ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’.

The 7 Series represents the highest level and the campaign was designed to establish its leadership in innovation, craftsmanship and engineering.

xDrive is designed to make the drive more exhilarating. 'Get Out There' invited people to celebrate adverse conditions with BMW.

Showcasing the nation's all time favourite driver's car. The campaign is a manifesto of BMW's core features and values, all of which are underpinned by the endline 'The Driver's Car Since 1975'.

Designed to elevate the BMW i8 above its petrol-guzzling competition and position it as the next generation and most desirable supercar available today.


The Results

In less than three years since winning the BMW UK business, FCB Inferno has managed to positively shift the brand metrics scores and regain market leadership. The journey to success was getting back to the bedrock of the brand, reflecting the core values and celebrating ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’.

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