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Following on from the staggering success of the 2015 This Girl Can campaign, where the advert was viewed over 95 million times, the campaign is back. Nearly 3 million women in England were motivated to become more active. However, the gender gap still exists and our job is not yet done. Sport England challenged us to go further this time, extending the target age range from 14-40 to 14-60+ and tackle a whole new raft of barriers.


The Insight

75% of women want to do more exercise but something is stopping them and that is the ‘fear of being judged’.



The Idea

This Girl Can is a celebration of active women everywhere, confidently overcoming their fears to feel they belong and are totally at home with exercising.


The Film 

Our new film features more real women than ever before, all sharing the same infectious ‘don’t give a damn' attitude. The film is set to a sound track blended with the 1978 poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ by Maya Angelou capturing the spirit of This Girl Can perfectly.

The Work 

We’ve showcased a much broader range of women at different life stages and we’ve included many more different types of sports. The campaign follows the up close and personal journeys of our women as we watch them tackling barriers such as embracing being beginners, pregnancy, postpartum, coming back to activity after a break and getting older. We also uniquely address the stop/start rollercoaster realities of women’s relationship with exercise. Out of Home executions showcase new girls with new mantras, across the UK.

With the re-launch of our app, women across the country will be able to create their own posters using their own photographs to celebrate their achievements and share on social media. These user-generated images will also be turned into digital posters in shopping malls up and down the country.


The Results 

Since launch, our films have been viewed over 22.5m times and we generated 209 pieces of press coverage. Our engagement levels have smashed platform benchmarks. Our Facebook community has grown by 14.5% and over 18,000 digital posters have been created using our app. Our Snapchat filter achieved 16m impressions (vs. 8-14m platform benchmark) and was shared over 7.3m times.

Most importantly, we are already seeing evidence that our campaign has inspired women to get active. Early quantitative tracking has shown a significant increase in the number of women who have got more active as a result of the campaign and our social media channels are full of women describing how it has inspired them to exercise. Even more excitingly, these women have been empowered to support and share advice 

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