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Power To The People

Spreading awareness of fuel poverty with a series of social films featuring 'nans'.

Disciplines: Digital

Sector: Utilities

Agency: Power To The People, Iris

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For many, paying a heating bill is nothing more than a real annoyance rather than a critical choice. But for the 1 in 20 elderly people living in the UK in fuel poverty, they don’t have the luxury of choice.

The energy company Solarplicity’s aim is to make renewable energy simple and affordable for everyone. For their latest campaign, Power to the People, they teamed up with iris to spread awareness around fuel poverty.

In a series of social films three ‘nans’ try an alternative afternoon tea, enjoying a spot of upside down baking and even bust some moves to “the grime”. Alternative Afternoon Team stars the nans as they try out exotic food from turmeric shots to scorpion chocolates and insect fudge, none of which prove to be that popular.

For every 100 likes and shares of the videos, Solarplicity will give an elderly household free energy. Their aim is to provide 100 households across the UK with free energy through solar installations.

By creating sharable, entertaining content, iris and Solarplicity have use comedy, and the nans, to highlight a serious, but preventable, problem.

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