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The multi-tasking myth

Finding flow in an age of distraction

Lucozade Find Your Flow
Lucozade Find Your Flow

It’s been scientifically proven that pigeons are better at multitasking than humans. Biopsychologists in Germany have discovered that the birds are capable of switching between two tasks as quickly as humans, and even, in certain situations, more quickly. 

Studies have shown that multitasking doesn’t actually exist. Research by the American Psychological Association discovered that what we perceive to be multitasking is, in reality, the continuous switching from one task to another, often described as playing a game of ‘red light/green light’ in our brains.

Serial tasking is not effective or efficient. Rather than distracting our attention away, brands must instead help us to streamline our lives.

Reducing friction for customers can disrupt industries. Just look to Uber, Amazon and Deliveroo, all of which have completely redefined how we access products and services. Quicker and easier paths to purchase quickly become routine and noticed only when broken. Competitors are continually working to improve their services and be one step ahead. 

Accessibility and speed is of the essence. Amazon Prime and Etefy will deliver groceries to your door within the hour, and there is now no need to reach for a computer; you can just ask Alexa or Siri.

A growing pool of data will empower us to make better decisions on the customer’s behalf, and, as Artificial Intelligence improves, we will hand over more of our decision making to the machines, meaning we won’t have to interrupt our day with simple admin tasks.

Whilst we should all have an ear to the future, here are some brands helping us to find flow in our lives today.

Dominos and Amazon

Domino’s innovative ordering

Domino’s is no stranger to PR stunts focused on innovation, from the Easy Order Button to DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit),  and the autonomous delivery bot. All are created in aid of helping customers to get their pizza with the greatest ease.

With the insight being that messenger apps have overtaken social networks in terms of users, Domino’s knew this was a platform they needed to be part of.

@DOMThePizzaBot allows users to order pizzas directly within Facebook Messenger, without the inconvenience of credit cards and delivery details. Anyone who has set up a free Easy Order profile can simply link to their Facebook account and from then on, they will be able to order their favourite pizza simply by sending the word ‘pizza’ to Dom.

However, Domino’s envisioned a world where customers wouldn’t even need to type ‘pizza’, and a recent partnership with Amazon Echo has made this dream come true.

Users can now ask Alexa via the Echo or Dot devices to 'launch Domino's', putting them in contact with the AI version of Dom, which is linked to their existing Easy Order profile.

Agency: We Are Social, London

1 in 4
global internet users use Facebook Messenger
8.2 m
people own an Amazon Echo (CIRP Jan 2017)
Dominos Easy Order button
Dominos DRU Drone

Lyft and Taco Bell launch Taco Mode

In July of this year, Lyft partnered with Taco Bell to launch Taco Mode, a feature in the ride-hailing app that let passengers detour to the drive-through and get a free Doritos Locos Taco. A special in-car menu was available through the app, which included free food and ‘swag’ to entice riders to choose Taco Bell over other fast-food options. Whilst the marketing stunt made it easy for late night passengers to get their muchies fix, the idea was not so popular with Lyft drivers who complained of less pay for more mess.

Agency: in-house

Taco Bell and Lyft

Lucozade’s Unstoppable Bottles

For a limited time this summer, Lucozade gave Londoners a helping hand in getting from A to B with the release of limited edition contactless bottles. Each of the limited edition drinks could be swiped for entry to the city’s Tube network, granting one free journey. Unstoppable Bottles were distributed to lucky tube-riders as an extension of the energy drinks ‘Find Your Flow’ campaign. Ashleigh Roberts, Lucozade Energy senior brand manager at Lucozade Ribena Suntory, said: “We are excited for Lucozade Energy to be able to launch this new campaign on the Tube. In a city that’s always on the go, we’re giving Londoners an extra opportunity to get where they need to be in a fun and unique way.”

Agency: Grey London, London

Lucozade Unstoppable Bottles

KFC Smile to Pay

Contactless payment has evolved the way we purchase goods, making everyday transactions effortless. But one KFC in Hangzhou, China has taken seamless payment even further. Smile to Pay is new technology that needs one to two seconds of facial scanning with a 3D camera and a ‘live-ness detection algorithm’ to check the identity of the person paying. There’s no need to get a credit card out of your pocket bus guests are required to enter their mobile phone number to help guard against fraud.

Agency: in-house

KFC Smile To Pay

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