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“A fantastic session that helped our global team to gain true insight into key marketing trends and stand out creative work from around the world.”
Manos Spanos, Senior Director, Global Brand Marketing, PepsiCo

“Fascinating, inspirational and mind-opening. The session proved invaluable in focussing the team on some of the world’s most exceptional creativity.”
Jackie Lee-Joe, CMO, BBC Worldwide

It’s enough to make us blush! But we’re delighted both Manos and Jackie benefitted so much from our BITE INSPIRE sessions. At Creativebrief, we provide real-time market intelligence that enables brands to look beyond their own universe, monitor the flows of the industry around them, and supercharge the success of their marketing activity. A key part of how we achieve this is through BITE INSPIRE trend sessions.

If you’re unfamiliar with them, these 60 minute sessions are not only designed to help keep you informed as to what other brands in different sectors around the world are doing, but more importantly to help evolve your own brand thinking and ensure your targets are met. The sessions provide an in-depth panorama of the creative thinking and narrative risk-taking currently vitalizing the industry.

From this month, our BITE INSPIRE sessions will focus on 5 key trends in ‘Human to Human’ and what they mean for you. From Artificial Intelligence to conversational interfaces, we’ll showcase how emerging technologies are helping to personify products and revolutionise customer service; all in an inspirational and creative way for you and your team to engage with the industry’s most topical trends.  

BITE INSPIRE’s case studies are compiled by Creativebrief’s BITE Managing Editor, Kara Melchers. Researching and writing about the industry’s trends on a daily basis, Kara is in a prime position to locate and present the industry’s most exciting and impactful thinking. Her appreciation and knowledge of the industry is unparalleled, resulting in a session that is both inspiring and rewarding.

These sessions will inspire you and your team’s thinking and broaden the parameters of where you both see your brand going. If you’d like to know more, then head to the BITE INSPIRE section of our site. Otherwise, drop us a line as we’d love to talk to you about them and how you would benefit from booking a session.

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