Why should I use Creativebrief? I’ve been asked this before. And now we’re exploring the topic of the pitch so much, it’s an even more relevant question. 

As we shape our alternatives to the traditional pitch process, you (especially agencies) might want to know what qualifies us to have a say – particularly if you’re going to be the ones to make it happen. 

In talking about what we are, I find it useful to start with what we do. And that’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot more with the pitch conversation. Rethinking the pitch will draw more attention to just how much of a role we have to play in connecting brands and agencies to each other and the world around them.

We want to create change, so that the whole industry is working to something that is more flexible and better for agencies.

I don’t want to pin all the blame on brands (really, brands, I don’t) but let’s face it: the shape the pitch process takes is often down to them. But this is at odds with how much they’re really ‘living and breathing’ the pitch. For many brands, the last time they thought about one was when they last ran one. That means in the three years plus in-between, the evolution of the pitch is going nowhere.

At a recent dinner Creativebrief organised for member agencies and clients, a Brand Director at a leading FMCG company said how “the pitch expert is never the client.” 

It becomes more of a gamble – not great, considering the drain on people’s time and money. But a top agency CEO pointed out how we could help with this:

“With your experience, you [Creativebrief] can figure out what a client really needs to move forwards.”

We’re not suggesting brands and agencies pass everything over to us. We’re not into holding hands.

We see improving the pitch requiring a lot of work from ourselves, and lots of courage from brands and agencies. Changing brand thinking and encouraging the industry to recognise a (genuine) alternative to a stubborn process won’t happen overnight – it takes time to explore, to talk about things, and to trial the alternatives.

But (to return to the opening) that’s what we do. And have been doing for a while now. This year we have some very exciting things happening at Creativebrief and our exploration of the pitch is just one of the ways we’re making life for agencies (and brands too) a lot easier.

The industry needs to get its act together about the pitch. If it becomes better connected – to new things and to each other – it will start to improve. 

To hear more about what we’re doing – on the pitch and everything else – get in touch here

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