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Josie Naughton

CEO and Co-Founder of Help Refugees

When the humanitarian crisis unfolded in Calais, Northern France, Josie Naughton’s instinct was to utilise her experience of social media and her established career in the music industry (working in Coldplay’s management team), in order to support vulnerable groups neglected on Britain’s doorstop. Two and a half years later, Josie is Co-Founder and CEO of Help Refugees, a non-profit organisation which has funded over 80 projects across Europe and the Middle East, raised over £11 million and helped over 722,000 people. Working closely with Lord Alf Dubs, Josie is a leading advocate for refugee rights in the UK and has lead the fight to reopen the Dubs amendment; a legislation offering sanctuary to unaccompanied children stranded across Europe.  Help Refugees spearheaded the Choose Love movement which has seen celebrities wearing the iconic t-shirt all over the world. When a Choose Love shop opened in Soho this Christmas, it raised £1 million. This year Josie was selected as a Goalkeeper at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where she spoke alongside Barack Obama.