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Range Rover Evoque, Pulse of the City by The Brooklyn Brothers
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Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Global launch of the new Rolls-Royce SUV by Daughter
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Wimbledon, In Pursuit of Greatness: Take On History by McCann London
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Kahlúa, Kahlúa brand design by Dragon Rouge
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adidas Football, Here To Create - The 2018 FIFA World Cup by Iris
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Corona, Corona World Ocean’s Day by 3 Monkeys | Zeno
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Oasis Drinks, Oasis Togetherness by The Corner
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“It was a pleasure working with Creativebrief. Not only did they bring a wealth of knowledge on agency capabilities and where the talent was, they were very supportive in sharing their knowledge on a number of remuneration models including performance related negotiations. Their approach was to be as open and transparent as possible, and to allow agencies to get a good feel for our brands as well as our company. I would certainly recommend other FMCG organisations to invest in Creativebrief.”

Raj Bassan, Senior Category Manager, BRITVIC

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Rolls-Royce Cullinan
Effortlessly Everywhere
Global Launch Film for Cullinan - taken to extremes to prove its worthiness as a…
Fin London Ltd
12.07.2018 12:13:03
Google Norway
Google’s immersive training experiences for its tech-native sales force, inspired…
12.07.2018 10:55:53
BT Sport
FA Cup
Each 1 minute radio ad tells the story of a different minute from the 147-year history…
11.07.2018 14:42:50
Bentley Motors
Together We Are Extraordinary: The Story of Bentley Motors
This is the story of Bentley. Since 1919, the company has created the world’s finest…
Keko London
11.07.2018 14:31:57
adidas Football
The Midfield
Create there and unlock the game. #HereToCreate
11.07.2018 12:35:20
evian #BabyDoubles
Opening up evian's ATL 'Live Young' campaign on social to drive participation during…
11.07.2018 12:00:40
Carabao Energy Drink
Mr Carabao's £1 Million Giveaway
It's easier to get through the day with a refreshing can of Carabao, and some extra…
BD Network
10.07.2018 15:17:19
The early warning app
Hunch is an app built to help fight against knife crime. The app was created and…
10.07.2018 14:27:36
Alzheimer's Society
A new platform for Alzheimer's Society
A rebuild of the website on Drupal 8 with enhancements including support finder…
10.07.2018 12:38:45
Ella's Kitchen
Ella’s Kitchen – Make your little one’s journey yummy + fun!
Your little one's journey can be quite the adventure!
Havas UK
10.07.2018 12:13:58
The Birth of the Building Society
We're taking you back to the foundations of Nationwide in the next film of our Voices…
VCCP Partnership
10.07.2018 10:00:38
adidas Football
Create Respect.
From one legend to another. #HereToCreate
10.07.2018 09:59:20
The 'spirit' of direct mail
Creating a stand-out piece of direct mail for Investec Fund Managers
10.07.2018 09:56:17
Discover a World of Flavour
Series of socially optimised videos that transport people to their own, vivid Pringles…
10.07.2018 09:38:44
Change name of BT Tower to celebrate Pride.
The Gate London
09.07.2018 20:16:23
Chiltern Railways
Encourage people to roam the Chiltern Railways network this summer.
The Gate London
09.07.2018 20:09:02
Square and Fair
The campaign highlights the unique and independent spirit of the nation's small…
09.07.2018 14:41:38
Family Icons
65% of families are non traditional. Volvo wanted to celebrate this in an innovative…
Grey London
09.07.2018 10:25:19
Plastic Oceans/LADBible
Trash Isles
Ensure the world's first country made of trash is its last.
06.07.2018 14:20:15
Go Madbury
Our latest campaign for Cadbury calls upon the nation to get inventive and 'go madbury…
VCCP Partnership
06.07.2018 11:09:59
Lidl UK
Dream Big with Lidl
This campaign is in support of Lidl's 3 year partnership with the FA skills and…
06.07.2018 10:43:32
Mentos Social Success
Our social strategy, content creation and management for Mentos has skyrocketed…
Walker Agency
06.07.2018 09:35:50
The Championships, Wimbledon
Wimbledon Arrivals Campaign 2018
Taking visitors on a visual journey through The Championships’ history 'In Pursuit…
05.07.2018 15:55:28
Sony Expo 2018
TRO China delivered at multitude of brand and product experiences at the flagship…
05.07.2018 14:42:43
Chiltern Railways
Travel free-range on Chiltern Railways this summer.
The Gate London
05.07.2018 14:38:11
Mr Kipling
Fabulicious Flamingos
Move over Unicorns. Consumer/B2B launch of Mr Kipling’s flamboyant, ltd. edition…
05.07.2018 13:56:15
Betfair are the place to bet for those looking to make the most of their gut instinct…
Leo Burnett
05.07.2018 11:16:29
World Cup
Our newest global campaign for McDonald’s celebrates the highs and lows of being…
Leo Burnett
05.07.2018 11:16:22
Make a Bold Move
Viewers are challenged to 'Make a Bold Move' in our new campaign for McDonald's…
Leo Burnett
05.07.2018 11:16:16
Rolls-Royce Cullinan
Global launch of the new Rolls-Royce SUV
One life, many lifestyles. A journey inside the mind of the Cullinan owner.
04.07.2018 17:40:34
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