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easyGym, SWC Partnership is easyGym's Integrated Full Service Marketing Agency by SWC Partnership
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Bank of Ireland UK , Inspiring Partnerships by The School of Life
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Boots, Summer Every Day by Mother London
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Sainsbury's, Sainsbury's Home by Portas
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Hendrick's Gin, Perilous Laboratory for the Absorbment of Natural Teachings [P.L.A.N.T.] by Gravity Thinking
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Hello Fresh, Pop Up by Hot Pickle
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RNLI, Float to Live #RespectTheWater by krow communications
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“Creativebrief was a key part of the review process. Their advice and support supplemented our search and we were happy to work alongside someone who took agency selection as seriously as we do”.

Emma Hunt, Head of Marketing , Nichols plc

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Motor Insurers' Bureau
Own Worst Nightmare
Creative integrated campaign, including bold film, to tackle uninsured driving
TVC Group
28.06.2017 15:14:40
Lipton Ice Tea
Let's Go
Lipton, the UK’s No.1 Ice Tea brand launches its summer experiential campaign.
28.06.2017 14:20:22
Summer Tactical Campaign
Tactical campaign responding to topical subjects throughout the UK summer across…
SWC Partnership
28.06.2017 09:45:56
AC Hotels
Modern business travel
We developed a new brand website and content to prepare the brand for rapid international…
28.06.2017 08:19:50
Polaroid Eyewear
The Fishbowl
The groundbreaking story about Polaroid. Get the full experience:
MING Utility and Entertainment Group
27.06.2017 23:32:15
Driving Engagement & Sales Through Display & Paid Search Activity For Superdry
Our recent campaign smashed targets through engaging video ads via Display & Paid…
Greenlight Digital
27.06.2017 16:20:46
Summer Sale
Continuing the story between DFS and Aardman, with the launch of the DFS Summer…
krow communications
27.06.2017 14:56:43
Tampax & Always Radiant
Off the Runway, into Her Bag
The Radiant collection by Tampax & Always embraces the bolder side of femininity.
27.06.2017 10:55:52
Top of the Leaderboard
We drove Pinnacle to greener grass with a new brand design that resonates with casual…
27.06.2017 10:55:35
A Brand Fit for a Party
To celebrate its 25th year in the UK, Pringles design pushes snacking beyond the…
27.06.2017 10:55:10
Taking Fondue International
A brand that dispels tired perceptions and positions fondue as a modern social experience
27.06.2017 10:54:38
Ancient Legends
Heroing Whole-Grain Goodness
Kellogg’s first-ever ancient-grains breakfast line breaks through the clutter of…
27.06.2017 10:51:32
Stay Strong
Stay Strong: giving consumers positive resilience to face the challenges of everyday…
Y&R London
27.06.2017 09:21:14
N°5 L'Eau
You Know Me and You Don't
Launching N°5 for a new generation. "You Know Me and You Don't". The scent of all…
Y&R London
27.06.2017 09:21:01
JD Williams
Spring into Summer
Spring into Summer with JD Williams. For A Colourful Life.
Y&R London
27.06.2017 09:20:23
Steve the Dog
Steve the Dog demonstrates how personalization makes experience of the BBC better.
Y&R London
27.06.2017 09:20:11
BBC Sport
FA Cup - No Guts. No Glory
"No Guts. No Glory" - if you don't make the extra effort you'll end up with nothing.…
Y&R London
27.06.2017 09:19:54
Amazon Music Unlimited
Supporting Pride with our latest online ad in a global campaign promoting Amazon's…
26.06.2017 15:47:29
Arm & Hammer
You Can Do Better
Life coach delivers life lesson #42.
26.06.2017 10:17:59
Hyundai Cars
Kids Car Tours 2.0
We challenged one of our dealers to take a slightly different kind of audience through…
Gravity Thinking
25.06.2017 22:40:06
Ministry Does Fitness…
Who wants to be good all the time? We launched Ministry's gym brand with our #goodtobebad…
MSQ Partners
23.06.2017 15:27:24
KP Nuts
The Nut Nut's Nut
The brand's first TVC in 24 years. KP are the ‘nut nut’s nut’.
22.06.2017 17:14:55
Celebrity Cruises
Taste of London 2017
We designed, produced & managed the culinary experience stand of Celebrity Cruises…
22.06.2017 15:43:20
Style from every angle
Therapy content team launch UK summer style tour on Instagram for Nair. 5 cities.…
21.06.2017 16:43:02
Set to Sweat
Building a free digital fitness programme designed for women & launching through…
SWC Partnership
21.06.2017 15:25:49
Launch of a new online presence for the leading asset manager
Defining and implementing a digital strategy and roadmap to revolutionise
21.06.2017 13:40:20
L'Essence de Courvoisier Pairing Dinner
A L'Essence pairing dinner hosted by Global Brand Ambassador Rebecca Asseline at…
Wonderworks Communications Ltd
21.06.2017 10:10:01
The Only Way Is Beauty
Our #cheeky TV idents for Veet support the brand's sponsorship of ITV's primetime…
20.06.2017 17:00:31
Virgin Atlantic
Kiss and Fly
We created the Kiss & Fly campaign to promote the new 30-minute free drop-off parking…
Weber Shandwick
20.06.2017 13:17:02
Everyone's Welcome
Celebrating diversity and inclusivity; beliefs at the heart of the CBeebies brand
20.06.2017 10:55:20
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