Start searching, Hooray for a Whole Year of 2for1 Cinema Tickets by VCCP Partnership
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Kopparberg , Outside is ours by 18 Feet & Rising
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Aperol, Aperol Giardino by BD Network
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Dairy UK, Be Scrumptious by Brave
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Pet Head , Fresh & Fruity by Cogent
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Rubicon Spring, Who's The Daddy? by BMB
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The Body Shop, Red Panda Power! by Mr President
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For Aisha, New Baby Food Range for Growing Taste Adventurers by Davison Williams
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“Creativebrief’s BITE INSPIRE session was a brilliant way to look at some of the key trends that shaped 2016. Also hugely valuable to observe and learn from the behaviour of brands in other markets outside our own. We all left feeling enlightened and inspired to consider how our brands might capitalise in the year ahead”.

Adrian Troy, Marketing Director, AG Barr

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"The Call" with John Boyega
John Boyega is saving lives while he sleeps, all thanks to the Vodafone Foundation’s…
25.05.2018 16:02:12
Air New Zealand
A Better Way To Fly
Promoting London to LA route with connected, trackable digital OOH, audio & mobile…
agenda21 Digital Ltd
25.05.2018 11:54:47
Find your social mojo
Meet Mojo - the friendly new face of J2O.
VCCP Partnership
25.05.2018 11:54:05
Tropicana Essentials
Beat The Yawn with Tropicana Essentials
Tropicana launched their new Essentials range by brightening up commutes in Waterloo…
23.05.2018 17:44:12
Volume Shake Mascara
Cara Delevingne and her squad launch new Volume Shake Mascara through a music video…
BETC London
23.05.2018 09:11:28
Live the London Look
Rimmel online campaign to launch the new brand platform and tagline, featuring beauty…
BETC London
23.05.2018 09:10:39
Baby Dove
Baby Dove Launch
We work with Unilever across their personal care brands and helped launch Baby Dove…
Geometry UK
22.05.2018 15:20:50
Arrive with a Bang
During the festive season, you're typically traveling to see someone - and that's…
Geometry UK
22.05.2018 15:19:54
Viagra Connect
Viagra Connect - Retailer Engagement
The way people can access Viagra is changing for the better in the UK.
Geometry UK
22.05.2018 15:19:02
Champion the Match
We were briefed to deliver sales growth during the UEFA Champions League period.
Geometry UK
22.05.2018 15:17:43
Day & Night Nurse
Day & Night Nurse
Our integrated campaign for Day Nurse and Night Nurse has launched in the UK.
Geometry UK
22.05.2018 15:16:33
Feel chocolate like never before
Godiva tasked us to help them stand out from the crowd and be easily navigated by…
Geometry UK
22.05.2018 15:15:31
The Gift Bottle
We turned the Coke bottle into a Christmas gift.
Geometry UK
22.05.2018 15:14:12
Taste the Feeling
We helped Coca-Cola launch their 'Open Happiness' platform.
Geometry UK
22.05.2018 15:13:00
Hack the Plaque
Living Legends
Activating London's history for a digital generation.
Geometry UK
22.05.2018 15:11:56
Baileys for every occassion
We wanted to increase Baileys' sales at occasions other than Christmas.
Geometry UK
22.05.2018 15:11:35
Home Credit Bank
I'll pay
A lighthearted TV spot to launch HCB’s new debit card where you earn when you pay…
22.05.2018 11:25:46
Pilgrims Choice
Cheese Dreams
Turns out cheese really does make you dream, and we've made a campaign all about…
21.05.2018 19:34:19
No.1 Kombucha
Brand launch
A new website for a drink that puts wellbeing first by inspiring a taste for life…
21.05.2018 18:17:10
Haven Holidays
Dose of Vitamin Sea
Haven launches a limited fragrance range which bottles the mood booting scents of…
21.05.2018 17:58:44
Bigfoot Family
Verrucas. The bigger your feet, the bigger the problem. Read more:
Bray Leino
21.05.2018 16:30:25
Grosvenor Casinos
Bringing the show back to The Rialto
Remaining true to the Rialto's history, Hollywood's iconic stars grace our interactive…
Crab Creative Ltd
21.05.2018 15:03:39
Win the Ultimate 5-a-side Tournament
We are giving fans of the beautiful game the chance to share a pitch with a Premier…
BD Network
21.05.2018 13:29:20
KFC’s celebrates The Royal Wedding with Kentucky Fine China
An exclusive run of china buckets made available to Colonel's Club members to celebrate…
21.05.2018 10:58:05
The Wonderful City Dreams Journey of Discovery
London buses get a luxury makeover, to mark the launch of Godiva’s Wonderful City…
3 Monkeys | Zeno
18.05.2018 14:38:35
GDPR repermissioning comms
A creative approach to refreshing consent for Sky customers
18.05.2018 13:03:58
Work in Progress
Björk & Jesse Kanda - Inspiring the Creative Class using authentic partnerships
18.05.2018 12:56:31
Ace & Tate
Me, Myself & I
Disrupting the eyewear market using social workers, not fake influencers
18.05.2018 12:50:19
The Test
Building a Global brand through Local Insights - Champions League Final Kiev
18.05.2018 11:40:47
Sound Stage
Experiential meets world class content - Sound Stage is the 5th Brand Act from Inner…
18.05.2018 11:03:11
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