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Knorr Future 50 Foods Launch

The Challenge

160over90 was engaged by Knorr to help create a suitable platform to launch their Future 50 Foods initiative to global media and key influencers.

The challenge was to shift consumer perceptions of the brand and create a more emotional attachment through a sustainable living brand purpose, as well as create discussion around the need for a more sustainable food future and Knorr's role in that.

The ultimate goal was to both generate PR-able news for Knorr around the Future 50 Foods ingredients as well as engage in conversation, and cultivate relationships with the most credible experts in food; leading chefs and food writers & influencers..

The Solution

160over90 launched the Future 50 Foods with a forum led by former White House Chef, Sam Kass, with a panel of relevant experts attended by over 100 of the world's media.

In addition to the Future 50 Foods Forum, we partnered with the World Restaurant Awards to create a bespoke lunch curated by Michelin Star chef Gregory Marchand, producing 6 dishes using 22 ingredients from the Future 50 foods report.

The lunch enabled engagement and discussion with leading culinary figures, creating a leadership position for Knorr.

The Results

- 220 pieces of press coverage across markets

- 149 million earned impressions

- More than 250 attendees at the launch event, including 100+ international chefs


Knorr Future 50 Foods Launch

160over90 was tasked with helping Knorr launch Future 50 Foods, their sustainable living brand purpose, to global media and influencers. We created a forum led by former White House Chef, Sam Kass, featuring a panel of relevant experts, attended by over 250 media.

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