NFL UK Influencer Programme

The Challenge

160over90 is NFL UK’s retained influencer marketing agency. Challenged to build fandom and raise awareness of NFL in the UK, we work closely in partnership with the NFL's marketing, digital and commercial teams to design and deliver an ‘always on’ influencer programme for the UK audience.

The Solution

Using the channels of celebrities, social influencers and millennial publishers to educate and entertain the casual fan, 160over90 has created a year round programme providing influencers with exclusive access and ‘money can’t buy’ experiences. 

In return, members of the programme attend games and events, produce content and deliver social media output aimed at reaching, educating and converting new UK audiences to the NFL. During the 2019/20 season alone, 160over90 engaged more than 180 influencers (46% of which were new to the programme). Our influencers created over 2,500 pieces of social content; driving more than 60 million views and over 2 million engagements.


  • 180 influencers engaged during 2019/20 season on a contra basis only
  • 2,500 pieces of content
  • 60 million content views
  • 2 million engagements

60 million views
driving 2 million engagements
pieces of social content created


NFL UK Influencer Programme

Challenged to build fandom and raise awareness of NFL in the UK, 160over90 works with the NFL to design and deliver an ‘always on’ influencer programme for the UK audience. 180 influencers were engaged during the 2019/20 season alone.

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