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Oppo - Be a Shot Maker

The Challenge

How does OPPO, a Chinese camera phone brand, totally unknown outside of China and SE Asia, make their first global appearance? Or in other words how do we raise awareness that Oppo exists and that they are a leading smartphone maker with an excellent camera? A classic case of turning a leading local brand into a global one.

We needed an approach that would appeal widely and overcome pre-conceived attitudes towards a Chinese tech brand.  We wanted to ensure that the product features were at the heart of the campaign, building awareness of product-related characteristics, such as photography technology and industrial design. So the campaign needed to be both emotional and practical.

The Solution

160over90 created the fully integrated “Be A Shot Maker” campaign across TV, Experiential, PR and Digital across the globe.

#BeAShotMaker was built on a strategic global sponsorship of the ICC Cricket World Cup.

We launched the campaign for cricket fans who love players who make tricky shots, they are ‘Shot Makers’. We wanted to appeal to fans with that same ‘Shot Maker’ attitude to consider OPPO phones if they want capture perfect sporting shots.

We created the global integrated campaign, with a new visual style and created an authentic product-led collaboration with Getty Images.

In July 2019, as the Cricket World Cup took over the world, we launched the fully integrated campaign in multiple countries, across multiple channels.

Brand Awareness Results

An audience of 1.6 billion watched OPPO advertising through ICC broadcasts.

Oppo was the top searched ICC partner throughout the World Cup.

40 earned media articles, 17.76M potential reach.

Launch event attended by 61 different media outlets, with an earned media reach of over 49 million across each of Oppo’s key business markets. 

The ICC used these Getty images to display the best images from every game on their website and social media.

Branded video clip views across ICC digital and social platforms. (Yes, that's a crazy big number, but cricket fans are very passionate)
Officially captured by Getty Images on OPPO phones and distributed through Getty, used by the ICC and made available to the public
We had an innovative approach to localised media by creating a TVC ‘template’ which allowed us to create local market edits, included local talent.

It was an honour to be a part of the OPPO Be A ShotMaker campaign for the World Cup and was very surreal to see the advert on the big screen every game as we were warming up. I am sure there are a few more shotmakers inspired after the CWC, both young and old!

Jos Buttler, England Cricket Player, Campaign Ambassador


Oppo #BeAShotMaker

OPPO, a Chinese camera phone brand, was the global sponsor of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. 160over90 was tasked with creating their first global marketing campaign, developing all the campaign assets and activations, as well as amplifying the sponsorship.

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