Simply #ExtraJordanary


Due to geo-political unease within the Middle East, the Jordan Tourism Board needed to “rebrand” Jordan away from negative connotations and emphasise the extraordinary range of holiday experiences the destination has to offer. Consequently, we were tasked with delivering a multi-channel campaign to inspire UK holidaymakers to visit Jordan. 


To maximise awareness, we selected the most visually emotive channels: OOH, TV and press. Creatively, our ads were all united by one central strapline - ‘Simply ExtraJordanary’ - which perfectly encapsulates the uniqueness of Jordan as a destination. Then, to add an extra layer of interaction, we also introduced a custom hashtag into our ads (#extrajordanary), which strengthened social media engagement and helped us to gauge real-time response from the UK market.

Through a series of 48 sheets, 16 sheets and underground train card panels, we promoted Jordan’s most famous tourist spots across a series of peak footfall locations. This approach was mirrored in our press activity, with full page, half page and double page spreads appearing across the Daily Mail and Metro London, as well as a high-impact cover wrap of the Sunday Telegraph. 

Finally, our TV ad showcased travellers enjoying the holiday of a lifetime in Jordan. Highlighting famous historical monuments, vast desert panoramas and the tranquil waters of the Dead Sea, this commercial encouraged British holidaymakers to ‘Visit Jordan’ and experience its extraordinary wonders first-hand.

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increase in visitors Q1 2016
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Simply #ExtraJordanary

Our ‘literally out of this world’ and ‘extraJordanary’ campaigns showcased the breath-taking landmarks in the beautiful destination of Jordan.

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