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ACNE stands for an Ambition to Create Novel Expressions. Why? Because we believe that for brands to make transformational change, which the world needs now more than ever, they need to embrace the new
and original and create the never been seen, heard or thought of before.





Why's social got so serious?

With ever-changing formats, large volumes of video content and keyword-led copy required, as well as algorithms to conform to, how did social go from being something fun to becoming so serious, and how do we navigate it? How do we ensure our content is still creative yet able to cut through all the rules of social marketing? Brand contributions include Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Hut Group (THG), Deloitte Digital, Channel 4, Guinness World Records and Oddbox.


Deloitte: The Creator Economy

What makes content creators tick? There’s a lot of excitement about this new, shiny world of influencer marketing. For brands and platforms to take full advantage of this prospering niche, you need to understand the ever-changing motivators as well as the basics, such as how content creators make money and how content creators get paid.


Subscription brands: how marketing can help you avoid becoming collateral damage in a financial crisis

As we enter a financial crisis, we look at what steps can be taken to survive the subscription downturn as well as 5 golden rules that brands should be looking at. There are contributions from HelloFresh, the Financial Times, Pasta Evangelists, Craft Gin Club, Mindful Chef, Deloitte Digital and WW / Weightwatchers.


The Deloitte Consumer Tracker Q2 2022

Consumer confidence fell for the fourth consecutive quarter to its lowest level on record in Q2 2022. In a sign that consumers are more pessimistic now than they had been in the depths of the pandemic, the Deloitte Consumer Confidence Index declined by three percentage points to -19% compared with Q1 2022, reaching a lower level than in Q1 2020 when the UK entered its first lockdown.


The Deloitte Consumer Tracker Q1 2022

Consumer confidence fell for the third consecutive quarter in Q1 2022. Inflation increased at a faster rate than earnings, interest rates also rose and, combined with the impact of the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, led to a significant deterioration of consumer confidence.


Why should I share my data with you?

More and more consumers are asking the question why should I share my data with you? As brands face a world without cookies, how can you ensure that your customers still want to share their personal data with you? Our thought leadership, authored by ACNE London and Deloitte Digital, look at these current industry questions.