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We join the dots between people, brands + culture. We put the audience at the heart of what we do, starting with real people, not demographics. We create integrated solutions, helping brands build authentic and long-term connections with their audience (and the things they love)... Having a connection with someone is deep-rooted. It’s emotional. A feeling. A relationship…When you have a connection, everything just clicks. We turn consumers into brand fans.






Daft Punk Epilogue

Jonathan Emmins, founder of Amplify's ‘Random Access Memories’ of the French electronic music visionaries and the way they created a unique narrative.


Not the Year Ahead

Jeavon Smith, ECD and Partner at Amplify on how the continual harmonising of IRL and URL is the new sweet spot for how we creatively continue to redefine experience.


WOAh x International Women's Day

WOAh (Womxn of Amplify) is a community where Womxn empower Womxn. WOAh was founded by our head of strategy and UK management, Sophy Vanner Critoph,to empower, inspire and explore what it means to be a womxn working, influencing and being influenced today. For International Women’s Day we are sharing our list of inspiring books, movies, apps and other media made by Womxn for Womxn.


The five trends set to drive brand experiences in 2021

With the Covid pandemic continuing to cast a shadow, Campaign spoke to the UK’s top experience agencies to find out what brand events will look like this year...


Starting a rebellion with Anti Diet Riot Club...

Introducing WOAh (Women of Amplify), thought provoking breakfast sessions with inspiring guest speakers. This series of talks explores what it means to be a woman working, influencing and being influenced today. For our third Women of Amplify session we sat down with Becky Amoi Young. Becky is the founder of the Anti Diet Riot Club, a 78.5k strong online community and events series that brings body positivity to the people.


Social Good, Creative Power + Crowdsourcing

How far can advertisers take crowdsourcing? A recent debate in Campaign neatly outlines the pros and cons of crowdsourcing for creative inspiration. Sometimes it seems like the Internet’s hive-mind would rather make memes of the guy who looked a bit like a Guess Who character, than channel their power towards creative and social good. Does our online empathy have an end point? And is it the solitary artist or the power of many that makes better creative work?


Beyond Woke: How not to high-jack culture

So, you want to be an ethical brand and show how your product is changing the world. Is this because you have a burning desire to ‘do good’? Or because the message is that younger audiences want socially responsible brands? It’s something our Brand Director, Krupali Cescau, has previously thought about here but in light of our latest Young Blood research we want to ask – Are you in danger of woke-washing?


Young Blood 2: The Formula is Fucked

In 2018 we return with a further deep dive into the hopes, fears and realities of 2,023 18-30 year olds, spanning genders, regions, ethnicities and socio-economic status groups. We know it’s vital for brands to look outside the M25, not just focus on London’s perceived influencers. For Young Blood 2 we asked tough questions. In return we got some frank and equally hard-to-hear answers...


‘Ok Boomer’: What Intergenerational Issues Mean for Youth-Led Brands

Amplify Brand Editor, Jade French, digs into the ‘OK Boomer’ meme. Originally featured in LLB Online, published November 28th 2019. The phrase ‘Ok boomer’ has been causing intergenerational rifts the last couple of weeks: called it an ‘all-out generational war’, a New Zealand lawmaker leveraged the insult in parliament and Fox are trademarking the phrase. So it’s time to take the viral TikTok sentiment seriously and think about what our industry can do to mediate this conflict...


Fyre Festival: How It Should Have Gone Down

Jonathan Emmins takes us through how Fyre Festival should have gone down, with comments originally featured as part of Access All Areas cover feature on 4th March 2019...


Brands: The Patron Saints of Good Stuff

In days of old artists used would hope and pray for the day they received patronage from rich nobility. Their investment, or lack of it, could make or break their creative careers and often saved them from a life of poverty and financial woe. Fast-forward and a new league of artists, musicians and photographers are still struggling to get paid - or, at least, get paid more. It’s a time when a brand - keen to engage hard-to-reach audiences and to build credibility - can take on the role of patron


Young Blood

Do we really understand youth audiences today or have we become content to accept a few well worn facts and general sentiment? This is a question crucial to our effectiveness as marketers to the younger generations we seek to connect with, and one Amplify felt needed answering.