Guinness was universally admired for its
advertising, which tended to be Black and White,
Epic and Sombre. This was a brand with stature
and an advertising message that went with it.
And it delivered brilliantly for the business for
12 years.
There was only one problem: with an ageing
audience, this approach worked a treat. But there
was a new generation of drinker emerging that
were not responding to the communications
with the same intensity.

We needed to create a new brand platform with
vibrancy and energy that could wrong-foot,
surprise and delight a new generation of Guinness
drinker that is broad enough to appeal to any
market worldwide.

The strategy draws a parallel between the
drinker and the drink by championing strength
of character and celebrating bold choices.

Our creative idea can be distilled down to three
simple words: Made of More. In Western Europe,
this led us to tell the story of the ‘Sapeurs’.
The Sapeurs are a group of men, who wear
incredible clothing in stark contrast to their
surroundings and embody the universal truth
that in life, we all have a choice. We can let
circumstance define us, or we can defy it.
In Africa, it led us to Made of Black, a remarkable
participative campaign that both celebrated and
fuelled the aspirations of a continent. For rugby,
we created content stories that demonstrate the
bold characteristics of some of rugby’s greatest
heroes such as Jonny Wilkinson, Bill Mclaren and
Shane Williams.


Made of More

How the Guinness brand platform 'Made of More' has been brought to life

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