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Macmillan Cancer Support are well known. Yet people’s understanding of Macmillan was one dimensional - their caring, gentle, compassionate side. Our research showed however that those with direct experience of Macmillan saw a much fuller picture. They also saw the gritty, determined, never-back-down side. And critically, those who see that complete picture are more likely to donate and in higher quantities. The challenge was clear – get more people to see the real Macmillan.


We developed a new brand platform – Whatever It Takes – a rallying cry that captures the unique compassion and determination that characterizes the way Macmillan people provide care to people living with cancer. And a new brand personality that embodied their organisation and those that work for them - Compassionate Warriors. Our launch brand work shines a powerful light on that Whatever It Takes spirit by portraying both the tender and the tough aspects of Macmillan’s care.

The campaign got the public to see a whole new side of an organisation they thought they knew, but really didn’t. Most importantly, Whatever It Takes increased calls to the cancer support line by 41%.

179,000 organic views on FB and YouTube
4 Pencils at D&AD (4 Graphite, 4 Wood)


Whatever It Takes

Creating a bold new image for a brand to shift perceptions

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