Back in 2010, The Guardian ran the headline ‘How Nando’s conquered Britain’, announcing it had ‘woven itself into the fabric of UK society.’ And if the Guardian are writing about you, you know you are no longer a cult trend and you have hit the mainstream. With over 350 restaurants nationwide, it had become the go-to casual dining restaurant for everyone from first-daters to families.

Our task was to re-position the mature brand in order to grow the business.

Creative Strategy

We did this by showing in communications how the brand elevated and transformed the casual dining occasion by giving it some Nando’s. 

For Nando’s ‘super fans’, it was clear how the brand transformed casual dining with friends into an experience worth Instagramming. However, for those not in the bubble they saw it as just chicken and chips. We needed to show the ‘infrequent’ audience, who had a purely rational relationship with the brand, the exciting and emotional ways in which it transformed this dining occasion.

Creative Platform: Give it some Nando's

The platform showed how Nando’s took the casual dining experience with friends and ‘gave it some Nando’s’, turning it into a unique and memorable experience.

Each campaign focused on a different product or experience, bringing it to life in a cheeky, irreverent Nando’s way.

For example, we turned the ‘wings sharing platter’ into the game of chance ‘Wing Roulette’ - 10 wings, 5 PERi PERi heats, no idea what you are going to get. The campaign focused on our fingers being our frontline soldiers in this chicken gamble as they touched the wings before our tongues did. We created films where people’s fingers talked to them to try and help them guess which wing was which. A digital version of the game was made for the Nando’s app and bespoke napkins were created so you could shoot your own ‘finger selfies’ and share across social. 


'Give it some Nando's' re-energised the brand amongst the ‘infrequent’ audience, and the restaurant saw 13-18% increases in overall footfall. Following the Wing Roulette campaign, the wings sharing platter sales increased by 59%.


Nando's - Give it some Nando's

Repositioning the chicken restaurant that had 'conquered Britain' to further grow the business by giving it some Nando's.

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