ClearScore, a purpose-led company, came to us in 2016 on a mission to disrupt the industry - give people access to their credit score & report for free for the first time (versus Experian forcing them to pay £15 for their own data.) Led by Justin Basini & VC-backed, this tech company had a clear ambition for growth from a base of 1 million users, to achieve 2 million incremental sign ups by 2019.

We identified two clear barriers to growth:

- Very few consumers were aware of the brand.

- The behaviour of credit score checking was unfamiliar to (and often feared by) most consumers.

Creative Strategy

We needed a creative approach that would normalise this behaviour and increase awareness of the brand. We helped ClearScore get onto TV (unrivalled reach and impact) in a more creative, controlled and cost conscious way which allowed us to open up the channel to significant further investment. We developed a creative strategy of ‘live checking’: dramatising the behaviour of credit score checking when prompted by ClearScore.

We also knew that salience and memorability were key, so we created the loveable duo: Charlie and his curious talking dog Moose, who soon found an enthusiastic following among the nation’s TV viewers.


The campaign drove a 78% increase in unprompted brand awareness and doubled advertising recall. Sign-ups jumped by 60% and this trend continued over the next 2 years, quickly surpassing our original 2 million target and hitting 4 million by the end of 2017. 90% of sign-ups were econometrically attributed to the advertising, as consumers adopted the ‘live checking’ behaviour, signing up on average within 5 minutes of each spot being broadcast.

With 7 million UK users and growing, ClearScore has achieved profitable scale and has become the category leader. More importantly it has revolutionised the industry for the consumer, forcing Experian and competitors to adopt the ‘free’ business model.


ClearScore - Wat Doing

Making ClearScore the category leader, by normalising the behaviour of credit checking with a more creative approach - a talking dog.

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