Homebase - Feels Good To Be Home

We began working with Homebase during a period of big change and big ambitions for their business. With a new leadership team in place they needed to evidence significant brand growth, and fast. 

We came on board as their lead creative agency to completely overhaul their approach to comms and put a strategy in motion that would position them as the leading home & garden retailer, eradicating any existing brand misattribution to their competitors, and reminding the nation of the place and role Homebase has always played in their lives.

Feels Good To Be Home…

Our insight started with the truth that your home is fundamental to a happy life, but when our lives evolve and change, it’s easy to fall out of love with them. Homebase is the one place that can help you transform your home quickly and cost effectively under one roof, so that it always ‘Feels Good To Be Home’. 

It became our organising idea that gave Homebase a uniquely own-able position in the market, helping us develop a brand platform that could emotionally connect with our audience across every channel as well as acting as an internal mission for store refreshes, staff training and customer experience communications.

It was a platform that allowed us to create through-funnel campaigns throughout the year, including populist emotionally led TV combined with activation campaigns and activity across the customer journey, that has been more distinctive and effective at driving response than ever before.

Did It Work?

Since putting in place this fresh approach to comms it has produced some of the best results the brand has seen in recent years. Homebase have delivered a £118M increase in profit within just eighteen months, a transformation plan that was predicted to take a minimum of three years.

Individual executions have also outperformed previous campaigns. Our spring campaign ‘Gary the tortoise’ in the first week alone, sold more product than the entire 2019 spring period and that was before ‘Covid-19 Lockdown’ was even mentioned.

Our 2020 Christmas campaign was voted Top 3 best retailer campaign in the UK on 1/10th of the budget of its closest two rivals, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s.


And our recent campaign ‘Kitchens’ for 2021 has helped contribute to an overall 100% increase in ROI.

Most importantly though, the business has seen a huge uplift in sales since we took over, the econometric data shows our campaigns to be consistently over twice as effective when compared to before we came on board. In addition, brand awareness and consideration has never been higher. Making this a true retail turnaround success story.


Homebase - Feels Good To Be Home

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