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At Ayima, our main drivers are collaboration, innovation and passion. That's what helps us stand out from the crowd and makes us a digital marketing agency like no other. We're a fiercely independent agency, and don't conform to the industry blueprint. We take pride in what we do. Our tools and technology, teamed with our creativity make us who we are. We believe success comes from working collaboratively across departments, and building strong relationships with our clients to deliver exceptional results. Put simply, we care about doing our best and making the people we work with happy.



Case Studies

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Case Study

Worldpay Lead Generation / Scalable Account Structure

By Ayima

By working with Facebook to develop innovative lead generation capabilities on the platform, we were able to produce more qualified leads for Worldpay. As a result, Worldpay were able to re-position themselves within the target market and surpass all campaign targets.

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