Driving ecommerce success for Millie’s Cookies


Millie’s were looking for a digital marketing partner to help them drive online sales with a focus on key seasonal peaks throughout the year and always-on profitability. The aim was to help them grow their user base and drive profitable revenue by deploying innovative targeting strategies, building engaging tailored ads and optimising towards revenue.


Impactful media spoke to users' motivations for making a purchase, whether it was for an anniversary or birthday. Smart targeting strategies ensured that we could show site visitors products that they had recently engaged with and encourage them to check out. This created a seamless user journey and drove a high conversion rate. Showcasing specific products around gifting periods such as Valentine’s Day allowed Millie’s to be top of mind during the research/inspiration phase and drove a huge increase in sales.


Driving ecommerce success for Millie’s Cookies

We partnered with Millie’s to drive online sales of their signature cookies. Through dynamic remarketing, highly bespoke ads to engage new customers, and capitalising on performance beyond just key gifting periods, we were able to boost Millie's sales and drive a very strong ROI.

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