Goose Island Beer Co. - Visual Brand Identity

Accelerating growth for Goose Island by building visibility and consistency of execution in the on and off trade

Goose Island Beer Co. is a pioneer of the craft beer movement in the US. In the 1980s, John Hall was travelling across Europe and became inspired by European beers. Craft brewing wasn't widely known at the time in the US, but upon return from Europe, John set out to change that and opened the Clybourne Brew Pub in 1988 setting off the craft beer revolution. Fast-forward to last year and Goose Island has started to rapidly unlock distribution in markets worldwide.

With global expansion, Goose Island faced a key challenge: build visibility across markets with consistent execution.

Equipping local markets with a suite of stand out new assets

We developed a new visual brand identity for the trade underpinned by the core brand values of creativity, curiosity and authenticity.

We created distinctive brand assets and then translated them into touch points to be used across the on trade, retail and experiential channels.

Markets were provided with a trade execution guide, featuring design guidelines, assets and inspiration.

The toolkit was rolled across European markets and in the UK we were one of the first markets to bring the assets to life, developing a mobile bar which has been used at events and festivals across Europe.


Goose Island Beer Co. - Visual Brand Identity

We helped Goose Island capitalise on the Craft Beer boom, supporting their growth - from local gem to a globally recognised brand, driving consistency and building visibility across markets.

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