Burger King - The Whopper

The Challenge

On one side, the plucky underdog Burger King. On the other, McDonald’s, a behemoth whose advertising arsenal is the size of a small nation's GDP. 

Burger King’s biggest strength was their ‘big burger’, the Whopper. It was, according to its tagline, the ‘Home of the Whopper’. But 67% of Britons didn’t even know what a Whopper was. 

The Zag

Don't play it safe.

The Solution

We were confident in our fighter. The Whopper - a flame-grilled beef burger with all the trimmings - was Burger King’s crowning glory. This is what happened, blow-by-blow. 

Round 1: Go Whopper or Go Home

Whilst everyone was going green, we went burger. For one day only, we served nothing but Whoppers. Customers had no choice, but in a good way. On top of that, we gave away free Whoppers to anyone who downloaded the Burger King app whilst on TV, spots featured customers being shunned for daring to ask for a ‘cheeseburger’ at the Home of the Whopper. 

Round 2: The Whopper on a Bus

We drove around Westminster in a double-decker bus with a line that didn’t hold back any punches plastered on its side.

Round 3: The Whopper of a Secret

At the end of 2019, we went for the jugular and revealed the Whopper of a Secret. From print to TV, OOH and in-store advertising, we’d hidden a ‘Big’ Mac behind every single Whopper shot. 

The Results

-We sparked global media attention and got half a billion eyeballs on the ads. 

-BK’s app was #1 in the app store.

-50,000 people went to Burger King’s website in one day, that’s 70 people/minute. 

-People were talking about the Whopper Bus in 75 countries. 

-34% uplift in Whopper mentions.


Burger King - The Whopper

We wanted to celebrate Burger King's pride and joy - The Whopper. This series of campaigns sought to reignite the nation’s love for the iconic burger.

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