The Business Problem

To help Tesco Mobile achieve ambitious growth targets, the brand needed to realise its potential as a credible tech brand with a big personality.

The Zag

Celebrate the down-to-earth ‘supermarkety-ness’ to take on the slickly disingenuous world of mobile.

The Solution

We launched Tesco Mobile’s integrated brand platform – ‘This is Supermarket Mobile’ – and executed it through the line with campaigns across TV, OOH, print, radio, and social.

The work featured supermarket iconography, tone and food puns galore, combined with high-end production values to shift our quality perceptions. Not to mention bringing a hero trolley to life.

The Results

So far, we’ve broken all of Tesco Mobile’s records for ad tracking and ad recall, and been ranked in the top 6.1% of ads for short-term growth and top 10% for long-term market share growth by System 1 (in the mobile industry).


Tesco Mobile

The mobile market may be shrinking... but Tesco Mobile’s voice is getting bigger and bigger. Here’s how we helped Tesco Mobile become the challenger brand that looks after its customers in a category that doesn’t.

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